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Just an aspiring artist hoping to get a Manga going and hoping it will entertain lot's of people! :D
LFT(live for today) Light's Awakening.
The story revolves around "Awakened Ones", individuals who have developed various abilities which set them apart from the average person and thus have been dubbed by others as "Awakened"
The setting takes place in "Retreat City" one of many places meant to serve as a home for "Awakened ones"as well as others who are there for various reasons,where they can live with others and learn to manage their abilities and differences.


Shizuka Aoi: Hikari and Yumi's  curious school teacher; She is also the only one that takes interest in the problems that Hikari brings to her :O

Kana Kozuki- A skilled "awakened" one at the top of the class,despite this she doesn't let the title get to her head and gets along well with others.

~Hikari is the down-to-earth  and outgoing protagonist, and has lived in Retreat city for as long as she can remember, despite not having any abilities; she's looking forward to starting Highschool.

~Miruka is popular for her looks and skills; Miruka is well known for her impressive control over her abilities, despite this she distances herself from others and also takes a strange hatred towards Hikari xD

Yumi Hashibara has just arrived in Retreat city and has agreed to stay there having no abilities, due to her parents extremely busy schedule :o Yumi sees this as a chance to have a new experience and a chance to live on her own.

Hanako Tsurumi,a classmate of Yumi and Hikari, She's extremely shy and tends to get into awkward situations. Although she has abilities, she tries to avoid fighting...and others in general xD Despite all this she doesn't mind hanging out with, and is actually comfortable around Hikari and Yumi

Everything's as normal as it gets in Retreat city untill people in the city begin to mysteriously be taken over by shadows,and Hikari seems to be the only one who can see them!She'll also meet Miruka an extremely short-tempered and powerfull Awakened one,and when she does an explosive rivalry is born! :O

So yyyep there's the preview! lemme know what you think, If i do start this web manga I'll release a schedule of when new Panels will be released and I'll give it my best shot! xD
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